IGX 2018 Winners

This event attracted 125 attendees from 35 different clubs!

Tournament Winners:
(Special recognition to finalists who had to drop due to injury)
Chuck Lebowski, Long Island Historical Fencing Society
Jacob Burke, Noble Science Academy
Murphy Barrett, Athena School of Arms

Lightweight Dagger
1. Tyler Sargent, Grünberg Freifechter
2. Zack Kochanski, Pioneer Valley Fencing Academy
3. Harold F Vance III, Bellows Freifechter

Middleweight Dagger
1. Kevin Willi, Long Island Historical Fencing Society
2. Eddy Louis, Forte Swordplay
3. Patrick McCaffrey, L’Arta Della Bellica

Heavyweight Dagger
1. Craig Kellner, Capital KdF
2. Andrew Kilgore, Athena School of Arms
3. Kyle A. Marrotte, Western Swordsmanship Technique & Research

Open Mixed Weapons
1. Laurent Theil-Santerre, Académie Scrimicie
2. Nathan Weston, Athena School of Arms
3. Jake Burns, Boston Armizare

Wisdom League Longsword
1. Victor Lavenstein, Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club
2. Ryan Rusek, Tri-State Historical Fencing Club
3. Don Kindsvatter, Forte Swordplay

Women’s Longsword
1. Christina Twombly, Boston Armizare
2. Char Morgan, Grünberg Freifechter
3. Stéfany Cantin, Académie Scrimicie

Beginner’s Longsword
1. Robert N. Smith, Nickel City Longsword Academy
2. Yichen Liu, Boston Armizare
3. Derek Wise, Boston Armizare

Open Longsword
1. Eddy Louis, Forte Swordplay
2. Stephen Cheney, Medieval European Martial Arts Guild
3. Arto Fama, Zwaard and Steen

Cutting Tournament
1. Jeff Büffelboii Kim, New York Historical Fencing Association
2. Jake Burns, Boston Armizare
3. John Morahn, Western Swordsmanship Technique & Research