Tournaments/Sparring Games

From the get-go, IGX has placed an emphasis on exploring and experimenting with competitive formats. Our goal has always been to give HEMA practitioners a fun and challenging opportunity to put our various theories to the test.

This year we’ll be serving up tournaments in two main flavors!

The first: SMALLER EXPERIMENTAL EVENTS, which will range from a blend of the familiar (e.g. mass melee, titular exhibitions, etc.) to new innovative formats (e.g. the “Mac Armored Longsword”, simulating armored combat via Mac Armory harness components that enhance modern HEMA gear!).

The second: we are pleased to announce bigger and badder tournaments are back! This will come in the form of a LARGER SCALE LONGSWORD TOURNEY that features:

  • A 3-TIER FORMAT, where participants will be able to indicate their self-selected tier based on experience
  • An evolved rule set built on IGX lessons learned and some of the latest HEMA best-practice tournament conventions

In alignment with all of these formats, the scope of PRIZES AND AWARDS WILL BE BROADENED so that a wider variety of participants and competitors (NOT JUST TOP 3!) will have more opportunity to take home something that celebrates how well they acquit themselves at this 10 year event!

We are also having a steel armor meet up – so if you have it, bring it!

Do you have armor? Do have elements of armor? Do you want take forever to get dressed, fight for a brief time, and feel like you just fought 3 tournaments? Guess what – you can! This meet up is for people who have armor, or parts of it, who want to fight others in armor. After all, it’s a bit disappointing to get all dressed up and have no one to fight. Rules to be decided on at the meet up. Fights to be decided on at the meet up. This isn’t a formal occasion, so much as ensuring everyone has their armor on at the same time. If you don’t have armor, you can come to. Everyone there will be more than willing to talk to you about how to get it into, what to do, what not to do. You can see the fighting and learn what it’s all about.

General Armor Guidelines (Stolen from Longpoint) These are a guideline, but since this is an informal event, they’re not rigid. We’ll adapt to what you have. Armor is expensive, and much of it ends up purpose-built for your particular sport. A helmet that’s good for the SCA may not be for Harnisfechten. We’ll adapt and use rules and weapons safe for your set.