Many, many thanks to our generous 2023 sponsors!

The HEMA Alliance (HEMAA) is a 501(c)3 U.S. non-profit service organization for the Historical European Martial Arts community. It is incorporated as an educational non-profit in order to provide a wide range of services from a stable core whose educational mission is legally bound by open bylaws and democracy.

You know ’em, you love ’em – Purpleheart Armory is the premier US vendor of HEMA kit. From steel swords to purple socks they have it all. They’ve also been a long-time sponsor of IGX. Rumor has it they’ll be vending at IGX too. Save your pennies, who knows what you might want.

If you know what you want, and you want it at IGX, try using the Pick Up at Event code “IGX2023”, good until September 14th!

If you have HEMA kit, it was probably made by SPES. It’s no exaggeration to say they are the biggest name in HEMA kit. All we have to say is “SPES Heavy” and you know exactly what we mean. Offering protection from head to toe, styled from Cavalry Officer to Imperial Officer, you can guarantee they have something for you. They’ve also been with us since the beginning, so give them a look.

Back again, Sigi is a renowned swordsmith. If it can cut and thrust, they probably make it – and not just western, but eastern too. They have longswords, messers, sabres, katanas and more.

With us since the beginning and always providing great sponsorship, PBT is wonderful source for protective equipment, bags, and whatever else you might need for kit. You’ve no doubt seen their gorgets – they cover not only the neck but the shoulders too. We want to extend a hearty thank you for their tireless sponsorship.

One of our oldest sponsors, Castille makes top notch custom swords to exacting standards. With rapiers, daggers, longswords, sabres, broadswords and everything in between! They’re another one of our long term sponsors, supporting us for nearly a decade. Even better, in honor of of 10th Year, they’re providing a custom sword. What is it? We don’t know (seriously, we told them surprise us.)

In about 1000AD, Leif Errikson landed in North America in what we now call Newfoundland. But his exploration didn’t stop there. While we don’t know precisely where he landed, one land he named Markland (Forest Land). Because that’s what Markland does. History. They make accurate reproductions of axes and knives of the viking age, and hope to expand their line even further.

Get on a mask. Get on a head cover. Adjust the head cover every pass. Wait, where’d it go? — Has this happened to you? Don’t you wish you had better mask solution? With their “Cobra” mask Wukusi does just that. With a rigid shell around the head, not only is the mask cover integrated but it’s solidly protective too. And guess what? You can win one at IGX!

CHFG was founded in 2015, focusing on Living History and HEMA. In 2017, the brand “Maleus Scutun” was established for HEMA gear research, production, and sales. The club now offers a complete set of HEMA protective gear, including the famous “Michael” and “Gabriel” gloves and the unique “Storm” and “Ranger” jackets.
The product developers at CHFG are HEMA practitioners and competition organizers, who have developed and improved their products through use, trial, and user feedback.

Don’t you wish your swords didn’t rust? Guess what, they don’t have to. Forager Armory makes a wide variety of training tools, from daggers and swords for fighting in western armor to daggers and swords for Filipino Martial Arts. And they’re even local! That’s right, Forager Armory is owned by Ian Davis right in Boston!

All you young whippersnappers and your flexible steel, bah humbug. Back in the day we had wood and we liked it. And that wood came from Hickory Arms. Ask any old HEMA vet and they probably have a hickory arms sword kicking around on a shelf – I know we do. One of our oldest sponsors, they took a hiatus for a few years but they’re back. Give them a look and own a piece of HEMA history.

We work from treatises that are, well, old. It’s in the “historical” part of HEMA. Unfortunately, that means getting your hands on originals can be impossible. Fortunately, there’s HEMA bookshelf. They make spectacular fascimilies of the treatises, from Fiore to Fabris, so you can own a piece of history… without robbing a museum.

Tired of getting in a grapple and not having a way to stab someone? Wish you could carry a rondel with you? Thistledew Leather has you covered. They are the most common rondel sheath available on the market today. Chances are – you’ve seen them at an event near you. If not, you definitely will because they will be at IGX!